I am still Learning…

Why there is something always in my mind to do..

Why there is always something which catches my attention and I wants to know about it..

Why I always peeped in other’s conversation, when they talk about something new..

Why I try to do new things with full enthusiam, even if I don’t know how to do it..

Why I irritates my seniors by asking numerous questions, even if they are silly, even if the questions are below of my standards..

Because I love Learning, I love to know about things which will help me to elevate my potential, which will help me to progress forward, which will help me to help others..

Because learning is what that makes us capable to change with changing times..

Importance of “Wishful Thinking”.

For me “wishful thinking” is synonymous with  Dreaming  , and my today’s blog post will be dedicated to Dream… 

One of the most iconic personality in Indian History, who was the normal boy in one of the small village in the country, far off from the big city, located in the coastal area, that boy being born in a poor family, distributing news papers, but had the fire in the belly to do something big.

His sister burrowed money for his study by selling her valuable thing, and he didn’t let her down, he persists in his efforts to do something big, and one day he had done something big in Indian Aerospace.

He has joined  DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and become a MISSILE MAN.

He had been awarded the highest civilian honour of India “Bharat Ratna” and become the first man of India, by becoming “The President of India”.

He had done all these things by keeping in mind only the one thought, which he repeats in every social gathering which he attends, and that thought is  “Dream, Dream, Dream…”

He always give emphasis on Dream Big, as according to him, if you dream big than the big thoughts will come into your mind, and when thoughts come than the action generates, as whatsoever you think, you do.
What is Dreaming Big ?? It is wishful thinking to do some big thing, to become some big person so that you can contribute in other’s development also along with your country.

I have seen many advantages of big thinking in own life, be in the familial matters, professional matters, while travelling in unknown places, and while handling day to day matters.

You can experience the benefits by yourself only if you start thinking big, thinking out of your comfort zone, thinking out of false boundries which you have made for yourself.

Think Big. Get More.

Pic Credit : inspire99.com

Why Every Person for Me is Important and a Leader !!!

Why majority of the world do not appreciate the leaders… for me the definition of leader is : “a person who is master in his field, in his craft and performs his work or a job like picasso, involve in his work like there is no tomorrow, crave for perfection, either his job like that of toilet janitor or the job of a doctor but he performs like a rockstar in his field, for me these type of personalities are leaders…”

But my experiance in a professional environment as a doctor is that world values for the one who generates more revenues for the employer and all other persons are just the simple employees having no value (unofficially) as the management listens only to whom who have the power of making money for the company or the hospital.

But the point is every institution becomes successful by the contribution of all the team, some persons in the team contributes more, some less but everyone’s effort is important, as Surgeons can not operate without the help of Anaesthetist and Sisters, while Anaesthetist can not work swiftly without the help of OT technicians and I think same applies in corporate offices as professionals can not work efficiently without the help of coffee venders and toilet janitors (as no one likes dirty toilets).

That is why personally I always address sisters in my hospital as “Sister ji” ( ‘ji’ in Indian scenario is a sign of respect to other person ) and always say thank you to “house cleaning staff” in hospital because for me they are leaders in their own field and they are essential part of the system.

” If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. “

Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

What are your opinion about this subject, please share it…

Are You Having “Assumptions” ??? Surely Most of them are Negative…

Here are “5 reasons” why you should avoid them so as to have a ‘speedbreaker’less personal and professional life…

” Do not make assumptions unless you know the whole story. If in doubt,ask the person directly. “


1) Most of the assumptions are negative which always pose hindrance in our success. Because we always think about a particular situation, about a particular person, about a particular place, about a particular culture with our limited knowledge and never questions or challenges our thinking with new thoughts or situations.. you know why… because we have a “fear” in our heart from the phenomenon which is called “CHANGE”.

2) Going to the new city for studying or travelling, relative and acquintences would always tell things like in that city peoples are not good,environment is not better,food will have bad quality,all streets have fish markets (important point in conversations of vegeterians). I know all these because this has been told many times to me when i have decided to come to a completely new city, culturally very different from my home city. But what I have found that 99% of the content what I have heard is totally wrong and my new inhabited city is awesome in so many aspects.


3) One of the assumption is that there is no fun while travelling alone. But what I have observed from my experience that there is totally new fun, new experience,  new energy while you travel alone. You roam around in the new city with different attitude. You tends to become more observent to the beauty of new city, to the behaviour of people, their style of living and talking, to the landscape and the architecture. When I had visited the Gangtok (a beautiful tourists place in the Eastern Himalayas, is a capital of Indian State of Sikkim), I had travelled more like my home town, taken the local roads not known where they leads, observe everything and believe me it was a total memorable experience and I had come out with a little bit better character.

4) Don’t talk to strangers,you don’t know how they are : Well this is also prevalent among the masses, that’s why you may have observed while travelling in trains or on a flight that how much people are reserved even if they are travelling with you for the whole day and never say a word. But in my case I usually try to start the conversation during my travelling amd by god’s grace till now I have made some good friends while travelling,one is doctor and another one is artists from South Africa.


5) Don’t make assumtions about your colleague : If in workplace your colleague takes a stand on something that goes against your point of view than it doesn’t mean that he is selfish or is against you,it simply means he is having different thoughts on that perticular issue. Do not make assumptions about the character of person on the basis of small things.. life is big so have a wide perspective on different things, always think on a long term.


These are some of the main assumptions which i have faced in my day to day life.

What are your thoughts on “Assumptions”… please let me know with your comments below and also share your assumptions which you had in past but shattered now.