The Art of Happiness..

Whenever there is a discussion about happiness, there will be 1000 types of definitions of it by 1000 types of different people, because happiness is really a subjective thing as everyone derives their happiness from different things, which can’t be categorized.
And my definition is also one of that 1000 types, but a little bit simple, which in my opinion, can be applied by anyone 🙂

I derive happiness from following things:

  • To listen some energetic song in a full volume just after I got up in the morning, it awakens my hidden energy.
  • To meet everyone in my hospital with a broad smile on my face and wishing them Good Morning in a loud voice (I do receive a lot of compliments for my ‘sweet smile’ 😜).
  • To ping my colleagues in between the work for fun, when either mine or there energy level is low.
  • To go for long drives without any destination, without any purpose.
  • To read books for the whole day on my couch.
  • And most importantly, when I am able to make others smile, or when I am able to help others, and able to solve their problems, then that was the biggest happy moment for me. I always want to do this act for my whole life. Really…
  • Oh yes, one more thing, when I am able to bring a smile on my Amma’s (Grand Mother) face, then I feel immense pleasure, because I always wanted to repay my elders (if I can in my lifetime) whatever I can, in whatsoever potential.

These are the important things, which makes me happy and helps me to make others happy.

Happiness is an important pursuit, and everyone should strive for it because everything we do in this world is only for the sake of happiness.

At the end of the day, when we go to our bed, we only want a peaceful mind and a smiling face, and what else ?

Dr. Anshul

To be happy depends on us..