What was I thinking ?

Thinking Big…

I still have that moment again and again, when I asked to myself that “What was I thinking ?” when I decided to come to Kolkata for my post graduation in Anaesthesiology.
As any medical student can understand my jovial mood which I had when I was selected in pre-pg exam and got a seat at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata.

My mind at that time was full of so many thoughts, some were related to my selection, some were related to my struggle, some were philosophical, and some were related to this game called Life.

And sometimes, I was so excited and thoughtful, that there was a period when there were no thoughts, no emotions present in my mind, and I was seamlessly staring the roof while lying on my bed.

Well, honestly, I was not thinking much about the new city, Kolkata, because I was pre-occupied so much with my decision to choose DNB over MD/MS, however, my family members were all busy to assume so much about the new city, as Kolkata, in compare to Bhopal (Capital city of Madhya Pradesh State of India) is different in so many aspects.

The culture, language, weather, people, eating practices, are all so much different, as both are situated in very much different parts of India, Madhya Pradesh being in the centre of India, while the Kolkata is situated in the far eastern part of India.

But as opposed to my family member’s thinking, things here were not as per their assumptions, but so much favourable to me in most of the aspects, in terms of training in hospital or living or nature of new people, all were good and that’s when I learnt a very important lesson in life, that,

We all have a tendency to assume so many things, and most of them are negative, and because of that, we either delay our actions or cancel it…

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Wanted : Your 1 Thought and 1 Second.

Think how this droplet and bulb related to each other.. Image : rainharvest.co.za

You might be thinking giving one thought and one second to someone is a minute thing, you can happily give to anyone without any problem (I assume so).
I want your 1 thought and 1 second only for the tiniest thing in this world, which you can do with your left hand, but in return of your this tiniest effort you can earn a lot,which may not be visible to you or anyone but it do reflects in this world.

I just want your 1 Thought and 1 Second mainly for two things :

  1. To close the water tap, when not in use, and,
  2. To switch off the light, when not in use.

You might be thinking how stupid I am to write about this topic and wasting your time. You may be right in thinking like this because you are fortunate enough to have both of these things in ample amount and you may have observed that even in your surroundings everyone has that.

But I would advise you just travel outside in suburban areas and villages, where they crave for both of the above things, because they do not have this in ample amount like you.

Secondly you may be thinking that it’s not your responsibilty to think about them, as you already have more important things to think about. But do trust me when all the population start thinking like this, than the harmful effects will surely reflects to you also.

Thirdly, you may think that it is government’s responsibilty to do these things, and yes it is. But on a ground level, your tiniest effort also required to bring out the change.

Why I said 1 thought and 1 second, because I have observed that closing the running tap and switch off the lights when not in use, does not require effort, it only requires the mentality or attitude to do that, and once you form that attitude than you would start doing these two things effortlessly as if they are a part of your nature.

And when others start seeing you doing these good efforts, than most probably they will also start doing the same thing and that is how the goodness spreads 🙂

Keep Calm… Image : keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Dr. Anshul

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The Importance of “Exposure” for me

Exposure to new possibilities, new learning, new ideas, great people is worth a million…

Today i have attended the CME (continuing medical education) in my hospital, and the topic is related to Fetal Genetic Problem and the role of Gynecologist in that. We in our department (Dept. Of Anaesthesiology) were discussing that is it wise to go there as it might not be helpful for us, but I was in the opinion that we should attend that as we could not assess when it will be helpful for us as medicine as a whole is unpredictable branch, and even apart from the knowledge for which we were going there, we would be in company of big professors and able to hear their thoughts and experiance and even if we could not get that, atleast we could get how the minute of things are observed before doing anything, so because of all these thoughts we went there and most of my points were comes out to be true, atleast for me.