Moods are dynamic, so the conditions are..

When you become the new person, in different scenarios with new people, sometimes you yourself do not know..

You would meet to someone for 2 minutes, or for 2 hours, or for 2 days, and that each person has the capacity to influence you or change you in a big way..

Your simple smile can affect the other person in a very positive way, it may relieve them from anxiety, or it may make yourself approachable to them, so just keep smiling..

These are some of my thoughts, so just penned down these to share with you all..

Dr. Anshul

They Say… I Reply…


“they say”…
This is most common words you will hear in your day to day life, “mom they are saying that this is not looking good so I will not wear..”, “hey that person was saying that it is very difficult to do, so its better I will not try to do that…” and so on….

So isn’t it better to reply to those persons who represent “they”…

They say, do not feed your child with mother’s milk initially, instead feed him/her honey… (some indian communities think that colustrum, the initial mother’s milk, is bad for the baby, which is wrong)
I reply, it is the best quality of milk or anything the baby can have at that time, why to deprive them from it..

They say, do not let your child to be handled by so many persons as they get infections..
I reply, if I will do this than how the child will get their blessings and love, which is most essential thing in life for them..

They say, do not let your child to play on streets with low society children..
I say, if I do this, than how they will learn to socialise, to communicate, and how they come to know the problems the children are facing because of poverty..

They say, (as the child grows) do not let the child to talk to other religion child or stop them to go their house (hindu to muslim or vice versa)…
I say, than how they will understand the values of other religions in this vast country known as India..

They say, send the child to “that” school because it is predominantly Hindu/Christian/Muslim…
I say, well school’s quality is determined by the quality of education not by the community of children..

They say, why you sending your child to drawing classes or dancing classes or sports coaching, there is no future, instead send him/her to study maths or science, he will become a doctor or engineer and earn a lot of money..
I say, the criteria of money will not be the criteria for choosing the career, rather their interests will be the prime importance for choosing any perticular field..

They say, why you are going against the ideology of society..
I reply, I do not go against any person, I just follow what seems to be right to me…

These are some of my thoughts, what are your’s that seems to be against the society or even against the elders of your family.. do share it with me…

Anshul 🙂

Don’t Blame Alcohol, Blame Yourself..

Have you ever imagine that why most of the people blurted out their feelings once they are under the influence of alcohol, scientifically because the inhibition is lost but mainly because there is too much hiding of feelings, ambitions, compromises etc etc in today’s world…

Recently I met one of my senior from my hospital in some get together party. Normally at work she looks calm, compose, quite, totally focussed on her work,not communicate too much.

But at that party after she had a drink (little bit more than average), she lost all inhibition, dancing in a freestyle mode, smiling cheerfully, gossiping, approaching to others by herself, then I start thinking why there is contrasting of a character, is it because of alcohol or something else. 

I start recollecting my previous experiences with my friends in the parties. I have observed the same pattern in their behaviour also, after drinking they had too much feelings to share with me (which are mostly personal) which they never shared with me before that.

We do have too many feelings, ambitions, wants which we suppressed may be because we do not have the resources to fulfill them but majority of them because of the social stigma or the social pressure (what people will say if I do this, what they will thought about my new profession, what they will say if I seen with this lady on that occasion).

Read somewhere on Twitter..

Every people have three lifes..

Professional or Social life, Personal life and a ‘Secret’ life…

And this suppression of one’s “original” inner behaviour leads to changes in so many things, like attitude, character, conversations with others, approach to tackle situations and on and on and on….. and these changes decides our success, relations and healthy well being.

Feelings are there to express, express it…. Ambitions are their to achieve, achieve it…. If you want to have something, or want to meet someone, want to go out for dinner with someone, just do it… Do not over think, if you are right by heart than no one can blame you for anything.

Just go.. express your self.. feel the energy.. feel the freedom.. just enjoy…

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“Perfectionism really takes our work, our art, our habits, our behaviour to a totally different level.”

Just a random thought after reading about #Michelangelo, his arts were awesome.

My wife has also done some awesome job today, converted the useless mobile back cover into a beautiful piece..

Have a look into it, and share your valuable reviews for her motivation.
Thank You.. 🙂

Here it is…


How is it ??

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The Importance of “Exposure” for me

Exposure to new possibilities, new learning, new ideas, great people is worth a million…

Today i have attended the CME (continuing medical education) in my hospital, and the topic is related to Fetal Genetic Problem and the role of Gynecologist in that. We in our department (Dept. Of Anaesthesiology) were discussing that is it wise to go there as it might not be helpful for us, but I was in the opinion that we should attend that as we could not assess when it will be helpful for us as medicine as a whole is unpredictable branch, and even apart from the knowledge for which we were going there, we would be in company of big professors and able to hear their thoughts and experiance and even if we could not get that, atleast we could get how the minute of things are observed before doing anything, so because of all these thoughts we went there and most of my points were comes out to be true, atleast for me.