Conversations over a Cuppa..

A lot can happen over a Tea..

“Chai” or a Tea, seems to be a normal thing to hear, or any two persons can be seen with a cup of tea in their hand conversing with each other for hours without taking a sip from it, but still that sense of having a cup in their hand makes a big difference in their conversation.
Here I am giving you some of the examples of conversation over a cup of tea in the hospital scenario….

  • Two normal persons on the street in front of the big corporate hospital, their conversation over a cuppa is like, “Salary of the people, even that of the housekeeping staff, of this hospital is so good, how lucky they are to be there”…. but they don’t know about the competition these people have faced while getting a job in this hospital and the amount of work they have to do for their so-called large salary..
  • Two housekeeping staff within the hospital, talking with each other with a cup of tea in hand, looking at the sister’s job of caring patient and the respect they get in return from patient and their relatives, “How easy is their job, don’t have to do so much work, but still getting respect from people”, but they don’t know how many times they become a sandwich between the patient’s anger and frustration and the Doctor’s busyness, how many times they have to give answers to the questions which are not even relevant to their job, how many times they have been scolded by senior doctors (because of the mistakes made by junior doctors), but still they listen without saying anything..
  • Two Nurses were talking among themselves with the hot tea in their hand, about the Doctor, who was examining the patient and getting 1000 rupees for 2 min of examination, “See that Doctor, getting a big money for a few minutes”… but they forgot that to be eligible for 1000 bucks for few minutes, they have studied for a minimum of 6 years + 3 years of specialization + long hours of duties + socially aloof life and so on…

    These were some interesting conversations which I want to convey to you in my small blog, which usually do happen with a cup of tea in hand…..

    So in last will just say that ;

    Don’t underestimate the power of a ‘cuppa’ šŸ˜‰


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