My First Salary..

What happens when you become independent ?

What happens when you don’t need to ask for money from your father ?

What happens when you realize the value of money ?

What happens when you first time spends money after deep analyzing every thing ?

The answers of all these questions were visible for me first time when I had started earning money as a stipend for my post graduation training in Anaesthesiology, which I am still earning it.

After getting money for the first time, I was filled with so many thoughts, that for the temporary time I was emotion-less, neither happy nor sad. However, after some time I was filled with so many ideas of how to gift something to my family members who was with me in my ups and downs.

But during that time, I was fortunate enough to have some financial lessons from my professor, so just after receiving my first salary, I had put aside some amount of money for investment in mutual funds, and I am still grateful to him for providing me those lessons.

But that first salary also brought with it the responsibility of managing money and self dependence, as just after getting my stipend, I stopped asking for money from my parents, and this decision brings the tremendous change in my personality because it stimulates my mind to spend money wisely.

So for me, my first salary brings the lot of positive changes and makes me a better person as a whole.

Dr. Anshul

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Happiness from Within..

It’s depends on us how to be happy…

Happiness…. isn’t it a unique word, which you may have been hear almost everyday, and more in today’s world.
From leadership gurus to spiritual gurus, from various articles on net to late night friend’s gossip, almost everyone in present scenario is possessed by this word.

However, whenever I thought about this, one story always pops up in my mind. The story of a farmer who had been told that there was an unlimited amount of gold beneath the earth, so he keeps on digging the land in all over the world, but couldn’t find it, and because of sadness of not having gold, he died. However, when others had tried to dig the farmer’s land, there they had found the unlimited gold. So the lesson was farmer searched for gold everywhere but not his own land, which is always with him, but the problem was he never thought, or he never considered his own land worthful enough to produce gold, and that’s why he searched everywhere but not his own.

And that’s the scenario in today’s world. Everyone not considered their inner self capable enough to produce happiness, so that they search their happiness in other’s teachings, other’s philosophies, other’s opinions, other’s practices, but they forgot that they have their inner soul, which is the purest source of happiness, the only thing which we have to do is identify how to practice that happiness.

I am lucky enough to have that happiness, even if I am alone with no source of entertainment, and all credit goes to my family’s spiritual environment.

Some people say I always have smile on my face (even if I am not smiling), some say I always radiate energy. All these features may be due to the happiness which I feel from my inner self.

This feeling of happiness is very subjective thing, some of you may agree with my opinion, some may ridicule me, but I would say one thing that whenever you start to feel that happiness from your inner self than you will realize what the mojo of being always happy🙂

Dr. Anshul

First Day, First Show : Dear Zindagi, Movie Review.

Everyone should have a “Jug” like friend on whom we can pour our emotions…

To book tickets urgently so that I could see the first day, first show, even if I was able to get tickets on the 3rd row from the front… 
To get up early in the morning so that I can be on time for the movie, even if I had merely the 3 hour sleep because of late night studies…

These things can be easily done by Shah Rukh Khan Fans aka SRK fans, and so I have done the same thing because I am his fan since eternity…

However, I would try to write the honest review without getting bias because of my idol.

Good Points :

  1. The film is having some refreshness, and it might look that it is written for the younger generation, but it is not like that, it has all the elements for the whole family too as it has the parent-child relationship issue.
  2. Alia is awesome in her act, to depict the confused girl, want to be free and yes, too some extent she is free but regularly haunted by traditional “must-do’s” by her family and relatives like ‘have a marriage’, ‘have some settled jobs like 8-4pm types’, even after being a cinematographer.
  3. Shah Rukh Khan, was as awesome as always, with a heavy voice and a ‘kill you’ smile, a Doctor, who helps Alia to deal with a situation by giving some useful life lessons, which is the ‘core’ focus of the film.
  4. This film do support some so called new generation thinking, in a very good and positive way, which may not hurt the old generation people.

Bad Points :

  1. For some people, the first half may look normal or confused, because it is devoted to Alia, to show her dilemma about her life situations, and how to deal with it, so it was apt for the situation. 
  2. Some of my close ones, found it little bit slow,not me. Apart from this, I did not find any other negative points.

My Take/ lessons :

  1. This film give importance to mental problems, which in our Indian society consider it as taboo.
  2. Highlighting the importance of jobs, which are highly significant, but sidelined by the society, by making them ‘unusual’ like psychologists or cinematographer.
  3. More importance should not be given to Profession over Family.
  4. Express your emotions, in any possible way, in any manner, as per your wish, don’t think about what other’s would think about it.
  5. Do things that comes in your mind, try them out, if you feel happy doing it, without thinking of failure.
  6. Listening is really a very important skill, it can make your relation with your closer ones strong.

And final point to add, what you think about the film, when at the end of the film, people starts clapping and coming out of the cinema hall while discussing the issues in the film, is it the normal film, or the film that can influence somebody’s mind ??? 

Decision is on your’s shoulder…

My Ratings : 3.5/5

Dr. Anshul

The Art of Happiness..

Whenever there is a discussion about happiness, there will be 1000 types of definitions of it by 1000 types of different people, because happiness is really a subjective thing as everyone derives their happiness from different things, which can’t be categorized.
And my definition is also one of that 1000 types, but a little bit simple, which in my opinion, can be applied by anyone🙂

I derive happiness from following things:

  • To listen some energetic song in a full volume just after I got up in the morning, it awakens my hidden energy.
  • To meet everyone in my hospital with a broad smile on my face and wishing them Good Morning in a loud voice (I do receive a lot of compliments for my ‘sweet smile’ 😜).
  • To ping my colleagues in between the work for fun, when either mine or there energy level is low.
  • To go for long drives without any destination, without any purpose.
  • To read books for the whole day on my couch.
  • And most importantly, when I am able to make others smile, or when I am able to help others, and able to solve their problems, then that was the biggest happy moment for me. I always want to do this act for my whole life. Really…
  • Oh yes, one more thing, when I am able to bring a smile on my Amma’s (Grand Mother) face, then I feel immense pleasure, because I always wanted to repay my elders (if I can in my lifetime) whatever I can, in whatsoever potential.

These are the important things, which makes me happy and helps me to make others happy.

Happiness is an important pursuit, and everyone should strive for it because everything we do in this world is only for the sake of happiness.

At the end of the day, when we go to our bed, we only want a peaceful mind and a smiling face, and what else ?

Dr. Anshul

To be happy depends on us..

Long Road Journey Memories…

Sometimes best things happen on long road journeys..

Driving a car on a long road, that too all alone, can sometimes bring so many memories, which may bring inspiration, happiness or sadness, or nothing.
Same happened with me yesterday on my drive back home.

My mind was occupied by the same memories of events, which made me what I am today.

Memories of being ridiculed,

Memories of being neglected,

Memories of rise from the ashes,

Memories of bring positive changes in others,

Memories of the most important person in the room..

All these memories changed me into a better person, and I happily cherished all those with a gratitude towards the almighty.

Dr. Anshul

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My Childhood Memory..

Image :

After hearing this sentence “My Childhood Memory..”, I just simply recall my memories with my beloved Phupha ji (my father’s Brother-in-law), who just recently passed away, and he was a patient of Alzheimer’s disease.

Personally, I have a lot of memories of my childhood and it is very difficult for me to describe anyone, but one thing about my childhood which I don’t remember, but was an important part of conversation with my phuphaji’s family, was always told by him in front of all whenever I visit him at his house.

It was a memory of my childhood when I was 2-3 years old.

It was my phuphaji’s son (my elder brother) marriage time. I was there at his house with my mother, and giving all kinds of trouble to her.

By seeing this, phuphaji gave me the “Drum Roll,” after this my whole concentration was focused on beating the drum mercilessly 😜 and in doing so my mother was relatively relaxed as she did not have to run after me.

However, the catch point in the whole scenario was that I was naked at that time, so he always used to tell me “You were beating the drum roll without having any clothes in a full joy” 

And I always feel little bit embarrassed, but still feel good because he was always happy whenever he describes this incident.

Sadly, he is not with me, but still I have this particular memory with me to remember him and the time spent with him…

Dr. Anshul

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1st Year MBBS : My fear, My fight..

1st year-MBBS-doctor-persevere-fear-fight-mental-strength-college-competitive-dhoni
You always comes out to be stronger, once you fight with your fear..

“I have been told that you will pass the first year of MBBS, only by studying in the last two months just before the final exams, and I had believed on this statement seriously, and that was my biggest mistake in my whole MBBS life…”
Yes, this is my story, of how I had taken things too lightly, only because of my mistake, and how I had tried to rectify my mistake, by fighting against my fears, by fighting against mental stress and with the help of my close friends.

Whenever any student who wants to become a Doctor, after long hours of study and after passing the tough competitive exams, gets his goal of entering into medical college, than he or she is expected to have euphoria in their initial days, and same was the case with me (but the only difference was that, it stretched too long).

Initial days was full of fun, plus fear of seniors and ragging, new friends, new instruments, learning new things, doing dissection of a human body was altogether a different experience, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Some of my seniors regularly told me that don’t take tension about studies, you can be easily passed by doing studies in last few months. I trust them and was in the opinion that nobody studies in their first year.

However, as the end of 1st year was coming near, I could realize that my knowledge was inferior as compare to my counterparts, and no one takes my opinion, whenever there was a discussion about studies, but still I thought all these were normal and no need to worry as exams were not near.

But, as the exam’s date announced, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t read at least 70-80% of the syllabus, and I was in a deep trouble.

My friends who were the toppers of my class, they support me, provide me everything that was necessary for the exams.

But the main battle was to fight against the extreme pressure, that was building in my mind as I had to read the vast amount of syllabus.

But you know, when you are under extreme pressure, then from somewhere, the ray of hope did come, if you persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal, and the same thing happened with me.

Even after having the extreme pressure, I just keep repeating the words to myself that “Anshul, keep studying, give your 100%, something good will definitely happen.”

And yes, the good did happen with me. I passed my first year, with 60% marks (that is considered average, as highest goes till approx 75% ).

In my journey of first year, where anything can happen, one of my very good friend, helped me a lot, she was there with me in every bad and good times, and my passing of first year was dedicated to her.

My lesson after 1 st year was that :

  1. Don’t listen to others, if you realize that they are wrong.
  2. If you are in adverse situation, most important thing is to have a cool and calm mind, just remember, Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni.
  3. Friends are valuable, respect them, as if they have helped you in adverse situation, never forget them.
  4. Persevere, persevere, persevere…

Dr . Anshul

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You leave me… Why ?

Photo prompt for #FridayFotoFiction

It’s not that, we were far away, we were there for each other in every single situation..
It’s not that, I don’t care for you, as I go to extreme limits to fulfill your demands and necessities..

I’ts not that, I don’t love you, as I have every possible thing in my life to be with you..

Then why you leave me, why you leave me alone and why God has taken you from me..

I always have these thoughts when I am alone at our usual Coffee shop beside the lake.

Miss You.

Dr. Anshul

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What a Day it was.. Part 3

(Read here Part 1Part 2 of this story )

On one particular day both Adi and Suhan had decided to meet during the evening on the outskirts of the city, and it was decided that Adi would pick up Suhan outside of her coaching centre as Suhan was going to bunk her coaching class only to spend time with her newly found love.

All the things were going as per planned, and Adi was there right on time in front of her coaching centre, wearing dark blue denim jeans with a purple T-shirt and a cute smile on his face, while Suhan was a little bit late, but was looking quite beautiful in her light pink suit with small dark pink earrings and her hairs were carefully arranged, as if she had taken all her time to dress herself properly, and why not, as she was going to meet Adi🙂

Finally, their journey started on Adi’s bike, initially they had tried to maintain the gap between them on his bike, but as expected, the distance between them vanished when Adi tried to put the brake (may be unnecessarily :p ) when there was a speed braker and Suhan didn’t try to move back😉

Finally, they had reached the small lake on the outskirts of the city, both of them found the place to sit.

Their conversations were ranging from families to college to friends and finally about relationship. They had found that their thinking was very much similar to each other.

As the conversations were on a full swing with their hand in hand, Suhan’s mobile started ringing, and it was none other than her mother’s phone.

She checked the time, and she was already 30 minutes late as compare with the time she generally reached to her house, but to be late was not her concern.

Her concern was that her mother was going to pick her from her coaching, because she was going somewhere in the same route, and by hearing this Suhan becomes afraid and started panicking.

While Adi with his cool and calm nature, did not panic, instead he started his bike and was riding in his full capacity so that he could drop her at the coaching centre before her mom could come. While Suhan sitting upon the pillion seat was not saying anything, she was just afraid to face the unthinkable situation.

Will Adi become successful to drop Suhan on time ? Will the unthinkable happen ? Will they survive ?? Read on my next post…

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Dr. Anshul

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Moods are dynamic, so the conditions are..

When you become the new person, in different scenarios with new people, sometimes you yourself do not know..

You would meet to someone for 2 minutes, or for 2 hours, or for 2 days, and that each person has the capacity to influence you or change you in a big way..

Your simple smile can affect the other person in a very positive way, it may relieve them from anxiety, or it may make yourself approachable to them, so just keep smiling..

These are some of my thoughts, so just penned down these to share with you all..

Dr. Anshul