Down the Memory Lane :

You do not achieve anything, untill you persevere

It was around last year May, when I was hearing so much about blogging in online media and newspapers, that I can not stop myself to know more about blogging, how it works, how it influences people’s opinions, how it helps the blogger, and so on, and I want to know all these things just out of curiosity, just to gain knowledge, as I came to know about it and its impact, I slowly and slowly started falling in love with it, and the amount of love was too much that I have just written my last blog about “my love for blogging,” you can read that blog here, where I have written about my different stages of falling in love with my blog.

I still remember how I was sitting with my wife, struggling to make my website and how I had written few words and how my relatives and friends reacted to the first blog as if Shah Rukh Khan had written that, sometimes family members make you Superstar, even when you know you were not 😉

From then I have written every now and then, in between two cases sitting in the operation theatre, in intervals while watching a movie with my wife (she still does not know about it.. lol), while traveling, studying, and even written blogs over a period of 4-5 days only because I could write only 4-5 lines each day, but the main thing was I could sustain, able to persevere in the journey of blogging.

Few days back, one of my respected senior asked me “Anshul, what will you get through blogging, you want to be famous or what…”

I just replied “Sir, The feeling you have while drinking a wine, rum or a beer, the same feeling I have while writing a blog”

And because of this special feeling, I can proudly announce to all of you that today I have completed 100 blogs… Huge achievement for me..

And a big part has been played by BlogChatter, who has also given us this week’s prompt, Down the memory lane…

Why I am in love with “this”…

I take on the baton of blog love from Dixita Mour, and sharing my love in front of you all, here it goes…

Love that has meaning… photo:

When I was in awe to see how others are doing it, I turned my interest towards it…
When I observed how this thing can influence other’s ideas and opinion, I started making my mind to do it…

When I observed how this medium can spread awareness, I started asking questions about its Pros and Cons…

When I observed how this medium of spreading awareness can affect the extremists or terrorists, that these morons can go for any length to destroy this medium, even by killing people, then I made up my mind to propagate this medium…

When I observed that this medium was also a very good tool for making community and new friends, I started liking it…

And when I observed that I had the capability to write, can express myself and when other’s get benefited from my words, then I fall in love with Blogging…

This love is not new, you can judge my love, by hearing this that this is the 99th blog…. and for me, this love will continue for eternity….

And I want to thank blogchatter for helping me in this journey of blogging, without it, I would not be in this stage so early, thank you master for everything…

With this, I pass on the baton of blog love to Menaka.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Dr. Anshul

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You feel good, isn’t it ? 

Just by hearing this word, and may be you just recall someone in your head. Because there is something beautiful in this 4letters word, which give rise to the most beautiful emotion of a human being, which keep us binding to each other, that is Love.

In today’s scenario, for the majority of people, love means the relationship that exists only between male and female or between girlfriend and boyfriend, but the feeling of love does not exist between girl and a boy only, but it even exists between…

Mother and her child, father and his daughter, Grandmother and her grandson, human being and his pet, Man and his job, boy and his bike, girl and her hair…

See there are so many things to whom we have loving relationships.

On this occasion of Valentine’s day, I want to share with you all about my special and loving relationship with my someone special. She is loving, caring towards me, always thinks about me when I am not at home, she gets tensed when I return home late at night, she becomes too happy whenever I called her…

She is none other than my “Grandmother”  or ‘Amma’.

I can’t describe how much I love her because of her selfless love, her mere presence elevates our whole family’s mood, she is basically the superstar of our family.

Whenever my father or uncle shares their past experiences and how my amma struggled to raise their children in the absence of my grandfather.

She shares her past experiences, her views, give her suggestions, teach me about religion. I always admire her strong opinionated character because of this she has a strong presence in our family and respected by all.

When blogchatter gives us the prompt “love”, my amma was the first person in my thought for whom I want to write this post.

Thank you Amma, for your presence, for blessings, I owe so much to you…

God bless you always…

Dr. Anshul

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What was I thinking ?

Thinking Big…

I still have that moment again and again, when I asked to myself that “What was I thinking ?” when I decided to come to Kolkata for my post graduation in Anaesthesiology.
As any medical student can understand my jovial mood which I had when I was selected in pre-pg exam and got a seat at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata.

My mind at that time was full of so many thoughts, some were related to my selection, some were related to my struggle, some were philosophical, and some were related to this game called Life.

And sometimes, I was so excited and thoughtful, that there was a period when there were no thoughts, no emotions present in my mind, and I was seamlessly staring the roof while lying on my bed.

Well, honestly, I was not thinking much about the new city, Kolkata, because I was pre-occupied so much with my decision to choose DNB over MD/MS, however, my family members were all busy to assume so much about the new city, as Kolkata, in compare to Bhopal (Capital city of Madhya Pradesh State of India) is different in so many aspects.

The culture, language, weather, people, eating practices, are all so much different, as both are situated in very much different parts of India, Madhya Pradesh being in the centre of India, while the Kolkata is situated in the far eastern part of India.

But as opposed to my family member’s thinking, things here were not as per their assumptions, but so much favourable to me in most of the aspects, in terms of training in hospital or living or nature of new people, all were good and that’s when I learnt a very important lesson in life, that,

We all have a tendency to assume so many things, and most of them are negative, and because of that, we either delay our actions or cancel it…

This blog based on Blogchatter’s prompt “What was I thunking ?” 

Why I Love Blogging…

Blogging leads to many roads…

I am busy, I have lots of work to do, but still I love to do blogging, as it gives me happiness…
I have the lots of medical books to read, I have to make lots of notes, but still I will make time for blogging because it also teaches me something different which medical books do not teach me…

I have to come to Operation Theatre at 8am in the morning, have to be there for almost about 8pm, but still I write blogs when I returned to my home in a tired and pathetic condition, because writing down my feelings gives me immense freshness and energy…

I have to see many patients in ICU, I have to see their pain, I can feel their pain, and writing blogs helps as an analgesics for me…

I have to do all household work, as now I am a married man, have to perform all my responsibilities, even if I have to spend maximum time at hospital, but still I write blogs, because writing gives me a sense of freedom amid all chorus…

I do watch BiggBoss, I do watch You Tube videos in a little time which I get from my schedule, but still I make out the time to write blogs because it provides entertainment to my inner self…

Writing for #BlogChatter prompt.

Conversations over a Cuppa..

A lot can happen over a Tea..

“Chai” or a Tea, seems to be a normal thing to hear, or any two persons can be seen with a cup of tea in their hand conversing with each other for hours without taking a sip from it, but still that sense of having a cup in their hand makes a big difference in their conversation.
Here I am giving you some of the examples of conversation over a cup of tea in the hospital scenario….

  • Two normal persons on the street in front of the big corporate hospital, their conversation over a cuppa is like, “Salary of the people, even that of the housekeeping staff, of this hospital is so good, how lucky they are to be there”…. but they don’t know about the competition these people have faced while getting a job in this hospital and the amount of work they have to do for their so-called large salary..
  • Two housekeeping staff within the hospital, talking with each other with a cup of tea in hand, looking at the sister’s job of caring patient and the respect they get in return from patient and their relatives, “How easy is their job, don’t have to do so much work, but still getting respect from people”, but they don’t know how many times they become a sandwich between the patient’s anger and frustration and the Doctor’s busyness, how many times they have to give answers to the questions which are not even relevant to their job, how many times they have been scolded by senior doctors (because of the mistakes made by junior doctors), but still they listen without saying anything..
  • Two Nurses were talking among themselves with the hot tea in their hand, about the Doctor, who was examining the patient and getting 1000 rupees for 2 min of examination, “See that Doctor, getting a big money for a few minutes”… but they forgot that to be eligible for 1000 bucks for few minutes, they have studied for a minimum of 6 years + 3 years of specialization + long hours of duties + socially aloof life and so on…

    These were some interesting conversations which I want to convey to you in my small blog, which usually do happen with a cup of tea in hand…..

    So in last will just say that ;

    Don’t underestimate the power of a ‘cuppa’ 😉

    My Childhood Memory..

    Image :

    After hearing this sentence “My Childhood Memory..”, I just simply recall my memories with my beloved Phupha ji (my father’s Brother-in-law), who just recently passed away, and he was a patient of Alzheimer’s disease.

    Personally, I have a lot of memories of my childhood and it is very difficult for me to describe anyone, but one thing about my childhood which I don’t remember, but was an important part of conversation with my phuphaji’s family, was always told by him in front of all whenever I visit him at his house.

    It was a memory of my childhood when I was 2-3 years old.

    It was my phuphaji’s son (my elder brother) marriage time. I was there at his house with my mother, and giving all kinds of trouble to her.

    By seeing this, phuphaji gave me the “Drum Roll,” after this my whole concentration was focused on beating the drum mercilessly 😜 and in doing so my mother was relatively relaxed as she did not have to run after me.

    However, the catch point in the whole scenario was that I was naked at that time, so he always used to tell me “You were beating the drum roll without having any clothes in a full joy” 

    And I always feel little bit embarrassed, but still feel good because he was always happy whenever he describes this incident.

    Sadly, he is not with me, but still I have this particular memory with me to remember him and the time spent with him…

    Dr. Anshul

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    What a day it was.. Part 2

    After their first meeting in the restaurant with a little bit of romanticness, they were in awe with each other.

    Always trying to create the chances to meet with each other, even trying to meet their eyes whenever they happen to pass one another.

    Time was beautiful for them, even in current situation, they share their true feelings for each other through letters, and talks formally on whatsapp because of the fear of hijacking Suhan’s mobile.

    They innovate a great medium of exchanging their letters… they kept their letter in between the cover (book cover) and the book, and give their book to each other. Isn’t it awesome ?

    They do communicate a lot through phone, but Adi calls her through STD, and she talked to him through her mobile but immediately deleted his name in call logs 😉

    They do visit outside of college during evening time, and spend a lot of time with each other with hands in hands and eyes in eyes, with the thought that this meeting never ends…

    What are the different places they visit after they meet with each other, and how one of the meetings poses a lot of dangers to them, check out in my next blog..

    Part 1 of this story you can read here..

    Part 3 of this story here..
    Dr. Anshul

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    Writeaholics : What’s this ?

    In the month of May 2016, I was reading about a blogger in Bangladesh who was killed, only because he had raised his voice about some malpractices in the country through his blog.

    I was shocked and was thinking how a single blogger can influence the people and the country, and because of that I started thinking about to begin blogging.

    I usually voice my opinions through facebook posts, so I decided to try blogging also.

    By chance, I came to know about BlogChatter through some facebook comment, and then because of them, I joined Twitter and started following them.

    In a few month’s time, I transform from a non-blogger to a person who can say at least that he can be a good blogger in the future. This confidence comes from the BlogChatter, and from the awesome bloggers to whom I met through BlogChatter.

    BlogChatter forms such a beautiful community where anyone is ready to help you, and by using this concept of “helping and growing,” BlogChatter comes up with a new campaign where there will be a group of 6-8 bloggers, who will be with each other for some months, and help each other to become a better blogger, and that campaign is called BlogBuddy.

    Here you not only become a better blogger, but also make relations, which is more valuable and cherishing.
    I too is a part of this campaign with six other awesome bloggers, and now I have the privilege to introduce them to you all:

    1. Anindya : Just visit his site and if you have good knowledge of India, you can judge his native place, and that is Kolkata, because his site is full of ‘beautiful and creative’ food items along with the ‘masala’ of traveling. You can visit his site:
    2. Shinjini aka modern gypsy : She is multitalented, from blogging to master in Art journaling to Tarot Card reader (How can she do all that), and yes available for help any time. You can visit her site :
    3. Saumy : He is one of my first friends on twitter, who helps me to improve my site and face my illogical questions, and we also share the strong connection of our home city Bhopal. He is an IT engineer by profession and but do excellent photography and poetry as well. You can visit his site :
    4. Menaka : After a long time, I came across a person, who is so much passionate about natural and organic things, and she is young. Why I mentioned this because people have the perception that natural things only prefer by older generation. So for all natural organic products for children and moms, you can visit her site :
    5. Dixita : She is the energetic girl of our group. You just observe how she twists her words and can make poetry from anything. You can visit her blog :
    6. Saurabh : Just see his poetry, you cannot believe how much explanatory they are. You can visit his site :

    We all just started making bonding with each other from last 1 week, and I found it interesting to work with these experienced bloggers. Because of all these awesome things I can say at the end of this campaign, I will be a better blogger 🙂

    I am a BlogBuddy with BlogChatter.

    Dr. Anshul

    Indian Railways : Innovating Better Ways to Secure Life.

    Indian Railways-Insurance-Safety-ICICI-ICICILombard-RoyalSundaram
    Essential Part of Indians. Image :

    The largest and the most important transportation network, which is the backbone of our country since beginning, and which remains in news, may be because of political reasons, or because of accidental reasons, or most importantly because of welfare reasons.
    And this blog would just inform you all with one more good reason for which it is in news, and this is the Insurance Scheme” which railways has started for its passengers.

    Some days before, I was doing reservation for my professor through my ID on IRCTC, I observed that there is one option of taking Insurance for the passengers, in the lower part of screen.

    I thought it is same as that of flights which require few hundred rupees, so I tried to skip it, and hits the ‘next’ button to go for final payment, but the error occured and said Insurance part to be tick.

    Than that time only, I read the terms and conditions, which clearly states that would be requirement of only 1 rupee premium for the insurance of thousands of rupees.

    I was like, Wao, that’s the really good method to support those who faces the bad luck during their journey and met the disaster.

    Main insurance companies participated in this scheme are ICICI Lombard and Royal Sundaram.

    One such example of this scheme is :

    Screen Shot of that Insurance scheme by Indian Railways

    Well I must praise to the Indian Railways to come up with this type of scheme, which is a Win Win situation for both the railways and the passenger, and just wishing it keeps the innovative work going…

    Dr. Anshul

    Writing for BlogChatter’s Dailychatter campaign.