Why I Love Blogging…

Blogging leads to many roads…

I am busy, I have lots of work to do, but still I love to do blogging, as it gives me happiness…
I have the lots of medical books to read, I have to make lots of notes, but still I will make time for blogging because it also teaches me something different which medical books do not teach me…

I have to come to Operation Theatre at 8am in the morning, have to be there for almost about 8pm, but still I write blogs when I returned to my home in a tired and pathetic condition, because writing down my feelings gives me immense freshness and energy…

I have to see many patients in ICU, I have to see their pain, I can feel their pain, and writing blogs helps as an analgesics for me…

I have to do all household work, as now I am a married man, have to perform all my responsibilities, even if I have to spend maximum time at hospital, but still I write blogs, because writing gives me a sense of freedom amid all chorus…

I do watch BiggBoss, I do watch You Tube videos in a little time which I get from my schedule, but still I make out the time to write blogs because it provides entertainment to my inner self…

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Love : The Reason of our Existance.

When the word Love comes, than so many faces, so many instances comes into our mind, and they deserve to be in our mind, as that’s what makes our life beautiful.

What is Love ?

Everyone has its own definition of love, but for me ;

  • Love is, which shows in mother’s eyes, when she sees her child first time, after bearing pain for the 9 months..
  • Love is, when the whole lot of relatives (even the distant one) celebrates the arrival of the new member of family..
  • Love is, which cause the worry in husband’s mind, that her wife should be allright after the delivery..
  • Love is, which is present in mother’s prayers and father’s action, when their is admitted in the hospital..
  • Love is, when the younger brother is ready to donate his one kidney and liver to his elder brother..
  • And the Love is, when after performing his 18 hours duty towards his patients, a Doctor returns his home, and spend time with his wife and children, even though he would sleep only for 3-4 hours.

Well for me, these are some of my definitions for love.

What are your’s ? Share with me .. 🙂

Dr. Anshul

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My Addicted Friends.

When you entered into college, they were sitting there..
When you go to the hospital, they were sitting there..

When you were  just roaming in the college premises, they were still sitting there..

When you were hurriedly doing your senior’s work, having a mental stress, they were still sitting there in a joyful mood, having no stress, no tension just enjoying the cutting chai with their awesome group, and even ask any other person to have tea if they go to meet them.

Really they were famous in our college amd we fondly call them  “The Chai Group”  .. 

If they havd any problem, than they say, “chal chai pite hai pehle”..

If they had to study, they discuss on the stairs of the cafe with the cup of tea in their hands..

And even if we had to final exams of any year, they always had tea first and than entered into the examination hall..

This was how they were, this was how they live their life in college, with fun, with coolness, with calmness and with chai

This post is written about my classmates Dr. Pranjil Mandloi, Dr. Ela Haider Rizvi, Dr. Sakshi, Dr. Reedhi, Dr. Komal.

This post has written in association with #Chaayos and #Blogchatter on occasion of #FriendshipDay.

Dr. Anshul

Is MENTAL PRESSURE Important for our Improvement ?

Well I have thousand examples till now in my medical career and in life, that I can say pressure is soooo good to keep you going and achieving great things in your life.

Recent example of it most of us has seen in Salman Khan’s blockbuster “SULTAN” (on which I have written a blog yesterday, please check out here http://wp.me/p7uYLP-2M ), that how the aim of setting the Blood Bank puts him under such pressure that he pursue to do wrestling at an age when most of the wrestlers retire and that too in the free style wrestling.

I am going to share some of my personal examples when the pressure to achieve something in my life brings out some good things in my character which even I do not know before..

  1. I switched from CBSE Board to State Board in my 12th class, so that I can have more time for preparation for my Pre-Medical Exams. That state board school was a Hindi medium school and they were ready to give me unlimited holidays so that I can have ample time for coachings and study. In the final exams of 12th class, because of miscommunication between me and my Hindi medium friend, I had gone to give English paper with the preparation for Hindi language (not revised English language subject from a long time). Now at that time I was totally aghast, almost crying, fear of not passing 12th starts developing (remember I was preparing for Medical exams also), than out of nowhere that pressure develops some kind of inspiration and I said to myself that “You already studied in CBSE where most of questions comes from outside of the sallybus, so you can do it”, finally managed to do something and got pass with approx 60% marks in English 😁 .
  2. When I managed to enter into the Medical College, I was totally in a masti mood for whole of the year and with much difficulty manage to get pass the 1st year, but was not feeling good. So because of the pressure of performing better, I promised myself that now I would study like the ideal medical student, tried to do that for the next 5 years, and able to get some satisfactory results.
  3. When I had come first time to a new city with a  totally different culture, without any relatives living there, without any college hostle (as in Hostels we do find some like minded people, and we do make some awesome friends there) I do find some mental challenge, but again that pressure generate some peculiar joy of exploring new things, make relations with acquaintances, and this pressure helps me to open myself, to improve communication, to manage things by my own, to explore the unknown.
  4. The pressure of working long hours in hospitals develops the abilty of relentlessness. Even after working for 30 hours, if my HOD tells me to do more, than I can (but internally not want to 😜 )
  5. When I was new to my specialization training, obviously I do make mistakes (and still doing in my 2nd year of post graduation), and my professors/seniors do punish me (verbally), obviously I feel bad, but this verbal punishment makes me mentally strong to sustain in pressure situations, and this quality is highly important in medical profession (and in others too).
  6. Started writing blogs sometime back, not in a writing hobby previously, but the pressure to do something good pushes me to do writing, to make time for it. And this pressure of performing better and to be in company of some good bloggers compel me to join #BlogChatter ‘s #HalfMarathon . And see writing some meaningful stuff for the straight 5th day.

    These are some of the examples from my experience that I want to share with you all about how the pressure helps us in our life if we take it in a positive way.

    What are yours… share it with me, how mental pressure affects you, positively or negatively ???

    The Neglected Ones..

    Have you ever appreciated when you enter into the clean theatre..

    Have you ever appreciated when you enter into the clean Mall, with clean surroundings and everything seems so polished..

    Have you appreciated any Corporate Hospitals like Apollo, Medanta, Hinduja for their cleanliness, and everything there seems so up to date and seems to be at their place where they are supposed to be as compare to government hospitals..

    Have you ever appreciated the clean roads and surroundings in your residential campus, or the local supermarket guy for guiding you to your desired item or the customer care operator for your phone or broadband service..

    May be you appreciated, may be not, I am not sure…

    But about TWO THINGS I am sure (about the majority of people)..

    1. They may not appreciated the good things but they definitely  cursed the negative things like dirty roads, improper surroundings, dirty chairs of multiplex, rude behaviour of customer care operator, as everyone has developed the ability to identify ‘bad over good’..
    2. (For this I am almost 100% sure) they haven’t appreciated the person behind the good work because they are the ones who are the most neglected in our society, like the sweepers, cleaners, peons, call centre boy, helpers in supermarkets, nurses, housekeeping staff and so on (list is too long).

    Now the question is why  like this happens in our culture that we always praise the ‘bigger jobs’ (as we think so) and neglect these type of jobs ?

    From my experience working in a hospital, these so called non-important jobs people are  the pillars of any institution, acting as the lubricant of a machinary, because even if a single cotton piece at the time of need not available to us than we as a doctor become helpless (trust me).

    Remember the strike by sweepers in Delhi, last May 2015, everywhere garbage and litters could be seen, even in post South Delhi. This is the example of our over dependance on them.

    So just want to convey you all that EVERY PROFESSION, every people in that profession is IMPORTANT. 

    We have to respect them, just admired their work, give them a smile, this means a lot for them and they will repay you 10 times for you smile.

    Not everything can be judged by money, somethings should be feel by its VALUE. 

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    The Importance of “Exposure” for me

    Exposure to new possibilities, new learning, new ideas, great people is worth a million…

    Today i have attended the CME (continuing medical education) in my hospital, and the topic is related to Fetal Genetic Problem and the role of Gynecologist in that. We in our department (Dept. Of Anaesthesiology) were discussing that is it wise to go there as it might not be helpful for us, but I was in the opinion that we should attend that as we could not assess when it will be helpful for us as medicine as a whole is unpredictable branch, and even apart from the knowledge for which we were going there, we would be in company of big professors and able to hear their thoughts and experiance and even if we could not get that, atleast we could get how the minute of things are observed before doing anything, so because of all these thoughts we went there and most of my points were comes out to be true, atleast for me.