Why I Love Blogging…

Blogging leads to many roads…

I am busy, I have lots of work to do, but still I love to do blogging, as it gives me happiness…
I have the lots of medical books to read, I have to make lots of notes, but still I will make time for blogging because it also teaches me something different which medical books do not teach me…

I have to come to Operation Theatre at 8am in the morning, have to be there for almost about 8pm, but still I write blogs when I returned to my home in a tired and pathetic condition, because writing down my feelings gives me immense freshness and energy…

I have to see many patients in ICU, I have to see their pain, I can feel their pain, and writing blogs helps as an analgesics for me…

I have to do all household work, as now I am a married man, have to perform all my responsibilities, even if I have to spend maximum time at hospital, but still I write blogs, because writing gives me a sense of freedom amid all chorus…

I do watch BiggBoss, I do watch You Tube videos in a little time which I get from my schedule, but still I make out the time to write blogs because it provides entertainment to my inner self…

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Diabetes : The Silent Killer

Whenever I go towards to do Pre-Anaesthesia Check Up of the patients who are posted for next day surgery, than I routinely find two most common diseases in almost 99% of cases.

Those two are :

  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension

And you know what, these two diseases are the ones, who are highly influenced by our daily lifestyles and diet, but still we do not give much emphasis on prevention of these diseases and rather focus on spending a huge amount of money and time after getting affected by these “Slow Poison” like diseases.

Today I am going to tell you about only diabetes, and mind this I am not writing this blog for the sake of writing, but I want you to modify your lifestyle so that you can be prevented by these preventable diseases.

What is Diabetes ?

It is group of metabolic diseases, in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

The main problem is that its symptoms are not that prominant when the disease is mild or moderate, and that’s why most of the cases present with severe symptoms.

Area Distribution of Disease :

Almost all of the India has this disease, and that’s why it is expected to be the “World Capital of Diabetes”, but fortunately China becomes 1st.

Some important distributing areas are :

Some Facts about Diabetes :

Risk Factors for Diabetes :

Symptoms :

Treatment :

  • Improve your diets, cut out unnecessary things. 
  • Do regular exercise, even if involves a simple walking.
  • And last option is Drugs and Insulin, if prevention methods does not works.

Complications if not treated :

Here I am going to use some pictures which shown dreadful complications of diabetes, if not treated.

( Warning : Following pictures may cause distress to your mind. My poupose of showing these photos only to show you the graveness of this disease.)

Conclusion :

I have described in a very simple terms, and with diagrams, so that these things can inbuilt in your mind.

Do focus on these things, because diabetes is really a very bad disease.

If you want to get two things back from this blog, than it should be this two :

  1. Regular exercise.
  2. Balanced Diet.

    Hope this small piece of writing may help to raise alarm into your mind about your eating and physical habits, that’s my only purpose.

    So tell me, do you workout ?? Or about your eating habits, are they healthy ??

    Dr. Anshul

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    Do Man suppose to know about Mentrual Period, or Do female feels shame about their #PeriodPride ???

    Well the answer of both the above questions is YES.

    India is a very vast country, so many different cultures, different people, different way of living, but one thing is common in all of them is their MYTHS about Menstrual Period, and overtime these myths becomes their Beliefs.
    Common Myths :

    1. During menstruation, female’s body becomes impure, and that’s why she is not allowed to sit in common places, or on sofa. She will sit separately, or with mats over the beds.
    2. She is not suppose to use the same bed where his husband would sleep, or indirectly she is not suppose to have sex with the husband.
    3. She will not enter into the kitchen, or cook food, as she is impure.
    4. Not wash her hair for 4-5 days.
    5. She will not able to visit temples, or even can not remember god or recite God’s names.

    These are collection of so many myths which I have seen in my surroundings, and I am sure you have also experienced the same things.

    For breaking these myths, first of all, we have to understand the mechanism of menstrual cycle.

    What is Menstrual Cycle ?

    It is the regular natural change that occurs in a female reproductive system (specifically the uterus and ovaries) that makes pregnancy possible. (source : wikipedia)

    • It is normally 28 days duration, but may vary from 22 days to 35 days.
    • First 5 days : Menses / Bleeding Phase
    • Next 10-12 days : Prolifrative Phase, where female hormones start developing the inner lining of uterus.
    • Next 10-12 days : Secretory Phase, where again the females hormones developes further the inner lining of uterus, so that it becomes suitable to receive fertilized ovum. And when it does not receive that, than after approx 28 days, this thin membrane breaks, and all the blood and blood vessels in it breaks, and comes out of the female body, in the form of menstrual bleeding.

    See is there any bad thing or inferior thing associated, it just the normal physiology of females, but our society makes it as a Taboo

    So the Answer of the above Myths are :

    1. She is as pure as Male, she can sit anywhere, can eat with anyone, as long as she can maintain her personal hygiene.
    2. If the couple is comfortable doing intercoarse during menstruation, than they can, no problem in that medically.
    3. As I say above, she is not impure because of her periods. Even Men can become impure physically if they do not take bath for days (which most man do 😜).
    4. She can wash anytime as per her wish.
    5. She can, as Gods can’t discriminate on the basis of periods, but Man can discriminate.

      See how simply the myths can be broken, if we want to, as any cultural belief wants a strong desire to break itself.

      Now next question comes, 

      How Man can play his role in this ?

      At present Indian society is Male dominant society, and most of the rules made by him as well as forcely implemented by him.

      So he is the one, who can encourage the ones in his surroundings to break these myths and come out of it, as this not only helps for the females, but on a bigger perspective will help our society and our country to become more healthy and prosperous.

      Dr. Anshul

      #PeriodPride is a Initiative by Naari. I am participating in a compitition, which tends to raise awareness about the monthly periods of females. You can read more about this here.

      Fear of Loosing Potential.

      From my early School days, I always wanted to be good student, always wanted to sit in initial benches, always wanted to be in eyes of my teacher, always wanted to study more so that I can score good marks, always wanted to play well so that I could be selected in school’s main sport’s team, always wanted to participate in play or debate or dance or mimicry so that I can perform in main event of Annual Function, always wanted to participate in School’s House’s activities so that One day I can become the House Captain or School Captain and can contribute something to their success respectively.

      In Medical College, my first year was disastrous (will explain why later in post), but from second year I studied ideally how a medical student should study, I attend all postings in Hospital ideally how a medical student is suppose to be, prepared for entrance exams for post graduation ideally putting my whole effort so that I can have a specialization of my choice.

      In my these days, I try to learn ideally in Hospital as how the post graduate trainee should learn.

      I try to utilise my maximum time in activities that should be fruitful to develop to develop me, fruitful to develop my character and develop me as a person.

      You know why I do all these things, why I try to do all these things ideally, why I am trying to do activities that benefits me…. Because I have one fear in my mind, and that’s the fear of not utilising my full potential, or the fear of loosing my potential

      And that’s why I had a disastrous 1st year of my medical college, because I hadn’t focus on my inner potential, rather wasted it on non-sensible things, and after the result was out and I was barely manage to pass, that day I had said to me that “from now onwards I have to use my potential to the fullest, irrespective of anything”.
      Some Fears are good.

      Dr. Anshul

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      Learning from Travelling…


      From last one year I am in love with travelling even when I am doing my post graduation in Anaesthesia and ‘always’ short of leave.
      But by god’s grace I do find some time here and there,may be little, but sufficient enough to travel to visit some new place and learn from the experience.

      For me, from the following experiences I can take some life time lessons for me…

      1) Planning :
           As I plan to travel to a new city, I always do a lot of research about that city, their culture, their language, geography of that area, their practices, weather, and the do’s and dont’s of that place, hotels, transportation, local sightseeing and the history behind that.

      So only with the thought of travelling, I get to know so many things about the place.

      2) Arrangements :
           After learning from the planning stage, my second lesson normally derive from the arrangements which I have to done before going outside.
      For Example ;
      * I have to take leave from HOD, which is always the tough job, as my heart always beats faster while asking for leave.
      * I have to rearrange my night duties (which doctors always have) with my co-pgts, and by god’s grace they are always helpful to do that, and this rearrangement thing always show you the importance of relations, importance of helping each other, importance of convincing power, and also tells you that this world is full of good peoples if you see goodness in them.

      * You have to manage your house (if you are single or a only couple) and other things as you will be out and then you have to inform to milkman, paperman and a lot more.

      * Arrangements of accomodation to railway station or airport in your home city and also in your visiting city and it makes a life lot easier.

      3) Communicating Skills :
           This is one of the most important skill I have learned while talking to strangers on a distant land. You learned how to talk to strangers, how to express yourself if there is language barrier, how to bargain while doing shopping 😜.

      4) Confidence :
           This you will surely develop even after one single trip as whole new world opens in front of you.
      You will be more confident while interecting with others, while asking about anything in that city, while starting the conversation with stranger and this will shows in your character always…

      5) Observant :
           When you go to any new place you tends to become more observant without any efforts, because you want to absorb whatsoever is there in your surroundings, it may be the new weather, environment, peoples or culture. And for me observation is one of the most important skill a man can possess.


      Well till now these are the lessons I have learnt, lets see how many lessons the future holds for me.

      What about you, what lessons have you learnt while travelling, share with me, will love to hear that…

      The Importance of “Exposure” for me

      Exposure to new possibilities, new learning, new ideas, great people is worth a million…

      Today i have attended the CME (continuing medical education) in my hospital, and the topic is related to Fetal Genetic Problem and the role of Gynecologist in that. We in our department (Dept. Of Anaesthesiology) were discussing that is it wise to go there as it might not be helpful for us, but I was in the opinion that we should attend that as we could not assess when it will be helpful for us as medicine as a whole is unpredictable branch, and even apart from the knowledge for which we were going there, we would be in company of big professors and able to hear their thoughts and experiance and even if we could not get that, atleast we could get how the minute of things are observed before doing anything, so because of all these thoughts we went there and most of my points were comes out to be true, atleast for me.