The Neglected Ones..

Have you ever appreciated when you enter into the clean theatre..

Have you ever appreciated when you enter into the clean Mall, with clean surroundings and everything seems so polished..

Have you appreciated any Corporate Hospitals like Apollo, Medanta, Hinduja for their cleanliness, and everything there seems so up to date and seems to be at their place where they are supposed to be as compare to government hospitals..

Have you ever appreciated the clean roads and surroundings in your residential campus, or the local supermarket guy for guiding you to your desired item or the customer care operator for your phone or broadband service..

May be you appreciated, may be not, I am not sure…

But about TWO THINGS I am sure (about the majority of people)..

  1. They may not appreciated the good things but they definitely  cursed the negative things like dirty roads, improper surroundings, dirty chairs of multiplex, rude behaviour of customer care operator, as everyone has developed the ability to identify ‘bad over good’..
  2. (For this I am almost 100% sure) they haven’t appreciated the person behind the good work because they are the ones who are the most neglected in our society, like the sweepers, cleaners, peons, call centre boy, helpers in supermarkets, nurses, housekeeping staff and so on (list is too long).

Now the question is why  like this happens in our culture that we always praise the ‘bigger jobs’ (as we think so) and neglect these type of jobs ?

From my experience working in a hospital, these so called non-important jobs people are  the pillars of any institution, acting as the lubricant of a machinary, because even if a single cotton piece at the time of need not available to us than we as a doctor become helpless (trust me).

Remember the strike by sweepers in Delhi, last May 2015, everywhere garbage and litters could be seen, even in post South Delhi. This is the example of our over dependance on them.

So just want to convey you all that EVERY PROFESSION, every people in that profession is IMPORTANT. 

We have to respect them, just admired their work, give them a smile, this means a lot for them and they will repay you 10 times for you smile.

Not everything can be judged by money, somethings should be feel by its VALUE. 

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5 thoughts on “The Neglected Ones..

  1. I work at a hospital, so I know the effort it takes to keep it clean, mostly germ free so the patients aren’t affected by that, and such. And I do appreciate that effort.

    Though we do observe the incorrect things first, I believe that in a hospital at least, it should be that way. Who knows which patient has what allergy, right? So the observation of the incorrect is only to ensure the health of the patient, not the mistake of those who usually do the work and have made that mistake. Maybe the way the mistake is pointed out can be corrected. Maybe we can tell them we appreciate their effort, but they can’t be lackluster in what they do. Something on those lines.

    Only observing the clean days will be good for morale, not for the hospital or the patients. Just an observation.


    1. You have said all the things which I want to convey, I just want that we should observe the positive things along with the negative things also, not only the point out the faults which we all normally do.
      For example, if a sister do some mistake or shows sone casual behaviour while dealing with the patient than I do talk on a louder tone at that time, but when they do something good than I lavishly praise them.
      Thank you sir for your good observation 😊


  2. so true. We all are fast to criticize and slow to recognize the good ones we experienced. The eg u gave is good but let me tell you even if u appreciate those people this won’t give them their salaries, even nowadays they are shouting for their salaries. Yes, we can do a bit to every person to make he/she special and feel a part of society where his value is no less than white collar jobs.

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    1. Agreed.
      Pardon me but we all have developed the habit to see everything in terms of money, and measure their importance by observing how much money they earn, which is wrong from my point of view.
      We should judge every person by the value they are giving to the society.
      Last sentance was awesome what you said “to do something for the society, even a little bit”
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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