Indian Railways : Innovating Better Ways to Secure Life.

Indian Railways-Insurance-Safety-ICICI-ICICILombard-RoyalSundaram
Essential Part of Indians. Image :

The largest and the most important transportation network, which is the backbone of our country since beginning, and which remains in news, may be because of political reasons, or because of accidental reasons, or most importantly because of welfare reasons.
And this blog would just inform you all with one more good reason for which it is in news, and this is the Insurance Scheme” which railways has started for its passengers.

Some days before, I was doing reservation for my professor through my ID on IRCTC, I observed that there is one option of taking Insurance for the passengers, in the lower part of screen.

I thought it is same as that of flights which require few hundred rupees, so I tried to skip it, and hits the ‘next’ button to go for final payment, but the error occured and said Insurance part to be tick.

Than that time only, I read the terms and conditions, which clearly states that would be requirement of only 1 rupee premium for the insurance of thousands of rupees.

I was like, Wao, that’s the really good method to support those who faces the bad luck during their journey and met the disaster.

Main insurance companies participated in this scheme are ICICI Lombard and Royal Sundaram.

One such example of this scheme is :

Screen Shot of that Insurance scheme by Indian Railways

Well I must praise to the Indian Railways to come up with this type of scheme, which is a Win Win situation for both the railways and the passenger, and just wishing it keeps the innovative work going…

Dr. Anshul

Writing for BlogChatter’s Dailychatter campaign.

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