You feel good, isn’t it ? 

Just by hearing this word, and may be you just recall someone in your head. Because there is something beautiful in this 4letters word, which give rise to the most beautiful emotion of a human being, which keep us binding to each other, that is Love.

In today’s scenario, for the majority of people, love means the relationship that exists only between male and female or between girlfriend and boyfriend, but the feeling of love does not exist between girl and a boy only, but it even exists between…

Mother and her child, father and his daughter, Grandmother and her grandson, human being and his pet, Man and his job, boy and his bike, girl and her hair…

See there are so many things to whom we have loving relationships.

On this occasion of Valentine’s day, I want to share with you all about my special and loving relationship with my someone special. She is loving, caring towards me, always thinks about me when I am not at home, she gets tensed when I return home late at night, she becomes too happy whenever I called her…

She is none other than my “Grandmother”  or ‘Amma’.

I can’t describe how much I love her because of her selfless love, her mere presence elevates our whole family’s mood, she is basically the superstar of our family.

Whenever my father or uncle shares their past experiences and how my amma struggled to raise their children in the absence of my grandfather.

She shares her past experiences, her views, give her suggestions, teach me about religion. I always admire her strong opinionated character because of this she has a strong presence in our family and respected by all.

When blogchatter gives us the prompt “love”, my amma was the first person in my thought for whom I want to write this post.

Thank you Amma, for your presence, for blessings, I owe so much to you…

God bless you always…

Dr. Anshul

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Long Road Journey Memories…

Sometimes best things happen on long road journeys..

Driving a car on a long road, that too all alone, can sometimes bring so many memories, which may bring inspiration, happiness or sadness, or nothing.
Same happened with me yesterday on my drive back home.

My mind was occupied by the same memories of events, which made me what I am today.

Memories of being ridiculed,

Memories of being neglected,

Memories of rise from the ashes,

Memories of bring positive changes in others,

Memories of the most important person in the room..

All these memories changed me into a better person, and I happily cherished all those with a gratitude towards the almighty.

Dr. Anshul

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You leave me… Why ?

Photo prompt for #FridayFotoFiction

It’s not that, we were far away, we were there for each other in every single situation..
It’s not that, I don’t care for you, as I go to extreme limits to fulfill your demands and necessities..

I’ts not that, I don’t love you, as I have every possible thing in my life to be with you..

Then why you leave me, why you leave me alone and why God has taken you from me..

I always have these thoughts when I am alone at our usual Coffee shop beside the lake.

Miss You.

Dr. Anshul

Writing for #FridayFotoFiction with Mayuri and Tina.